Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shamanic journey to a cousin sun, planet, and the MOONs!

Another shamanic journey intention...to receive non-ordinay and perhaps also some ordinary knowledge...about the newly discovered planet with possibly life-friendly moons...orbiting a cousin sun called 55 Cancri...and help Ourkind to act in deeper wisdom and understanding on behalf of all Lifekind as we fly off to explore...because always that is what we do. Shamanic dream and journey for whatever it takes for Ourkind(s) to act in deepest possible wisdom and understanding so we don't have to conquor and be conquored anymore...someday...after we have become the UFOs, extraterrestrials, and aliens.

Also as an old curmudgeon I must add: It quirked me a bit to notice how many commenters reacted to the short-cutting headlines and didn't read much or any of the (title-link) article and became distracted, discussing and calculating how possible or impossible life on a planet 45 times the mass of our Earth might be! Even ABC News's slightly more informative headline might mislead by directing reader's attention to the massive planet instead of to the yet undisovered (and still 'invisible' to us) moons.

But...this reaction serves to remind me how easy it is to jump to conclusions and teaches how important it is to shift from natually lightning quick first reactions...and that shamans always must explore wider and deeper beyond and below the obvious to see and attend to what is still 'out of sight - out of mind' to many if not most...and that shamanizers would do well also to cultivate and maintain competence in low-tech ordinary old fashioned life-skills such as reading for comprehension. Here is the link to the NASA image...


...from a great source of 'ok to use for most purposes' NASA images and photos!


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