Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shamanic crystal healings through ice and snow?

Greetings shamanic circle companions: Today I was shocked by the sharp drop in temperature and sudden freezing breezes! Still, if shamans can heal through spiritual companionship and sacred circling around with the rock crystal spirits why not shamanic dream changes for the better through ice and snow crystals?

In ordinary reality all crystals are perfect when viewed through a microscope, no matter how many macroscopic fault lines temporarily rough up their surfaces. In non-ordinary reality the snow and ice crystals can help a shamanizer co-create extra-powerful power-full containers for blessings. I already dreamed it a while ago.

Snow is showing and shining the overall sparkling unity of everything here now. These sunny icey winds are awakening me in crystal chiming even while singing me back into dream-full restful awareness.


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