Sunday, November 18, 2007

Review - shamanic book HOW TO HEAL TOXIC THOUGHTS by Sandra Ingerman

Here is the short review I promised:

Sandra Ingerman's latest shamanic 'how to' book is a short and sweet challenge to shamanic practitioners to keep growing...and going deeper with shamanic healing and transforming. I practice similar techniques already - given to me by Spirit and Spirits along my own shamanic life quest - so I know her's will work.

I keep reading shamanic books to get more new slightly different slants, twists, and spins on shamanic ways that can be used by Spirit and Spirits to communicate with me in answer to my prayers through my experiences in shamanic dreams and journeywork. Many in our circle study shamanic books this way. I do recommend this book to any shamanic practitioner who can read a book written by an acclaimed expert without putting the author on a pedastal or taking everything she writes literally.

The chapter about projection covers key concepts the grasp of which - in my view - could make the difference between practicing new-agey 'light' (but darkness avoiding) ways and practicing essentially shamanic ways. If I were to write a shamanic book I would express most of the main points of Sandra Ingerman's book quite differently - but my words might not be as digestable and understandable as Sandra Ingerman's in HOW TO HEAL TOXIC THOUGHTS.

~ Sharon


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