Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Did ancient crystallne nano-shamans stir the original prebiotic soup of LIFE?

Who - and where - was I when life on earth was a soup? Maybe shamanic intention(s) around and within the kettle of earth swirled up life as we know it. Here I am reading mysterious magic into physical science, stirring together evolution and intelligent design as if they mixed and blended easily. I speak metaphorically but for me metaphors have their own ways of being real like everything else.

For a shaman there would be no completely confounding contradictions anywhere...just temporary puzzles...and diverse ways of being real...because the multidimensional holist simultaneity of the shaman's view comprehends every polarity and all paradox. Reading science sends me on spontaneous shamanic journeys where I aspire to grasp then release a real shaman's bigger-biggest-picture view(s) of LIFE...and it's all part of the FUN for this me so don't try and spoil it, please. This is what I was just reading...

...that sent me off on my latest shamanic adventuring.

Above I wrote 'shamanic intention' meaning co-creative, re-creative purpose-itself actively being and living and radiating and resonating...and dreaming and dancing and shapeshifting in and out of liquid crystal flowing forms...the costume-bodies of primeval nano-shamans evolving life-play everywhere...shamanizing from within everything from sub-atomic wave-particles to elemental atoms to molecules to cells to...us...and to...??? - all at once! I do not mean inorganic compounds or single celled organisms shamanizing anthropomorphically. I vision just glimpses of concentric spiraling coiling tubes of all kinds and levels of BEING(S) shamanizing progressive changes according to each's own nature as they exist in their moments within the universal liquid crystallizing of harmony and beauty...which keeps growing better, transforming all the troubles of spacetime.

There is nothing special about this vision of colorful rainbowing revolving dissolving then re-crystalizing unity I glimpse now and then. I know many sages dream deeper and longer and understand more of the meanings, and I know there is no simple analogy to ordinary reality in these shamanic flights.

The shamanic trick is to enjoy and dance and sing amazing visions as fully as possible as ongoing revelations without taking inner sights literally or freezing ecstatic flights into fixation(s). Instead, a real shaman keeps going along the ways of earth, entertaining anyone who shows up alongside, releasing within everyday events and situations as many delicious wonderous tastes and aromas as possible of the energy-flow-patterns of the universe's non-ordinary yet ordinary life-soup-stirring alchemy.


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