Saturday, November 17, 2007

Conscious personal and self development and shamanic ways

Before, during, and after shamanic action...

In contemporary shamanic practice as I understand it, wound and dis-ease healing and alchemical transformation interventions by Spirit(s) for self are dreamed into and journeyed around in order to heal one's community the universe rather than for helping self as the goal. The strategy is - more healing and transforming of self for more community and universal healing. Anyone who mainly wants release from persisting effects of past trauma and self-destruction could do well persuing self-aware self-coaching and self-development on purpose. Pursuing self-development stratgies using resources and instruction from the internet could be enough in many cases. Anyway from my perspective all healing and transforming methods are shamanic at the core, or shamans somehwere and somewhen invented, practiced, and taught (and/or kept secret) the original versions.

Yet the shamanic journeying and dreaming intervention(s) can help anyone stick and stay with new healthier life transforming attitudes, choices, and patterns by reconnecting links and keeping open passageways to the spiritual power source of all encouragements, inspirations, and fulfillments within. And self-development techniques and tricks can help those desire healing and transformation from Spirit(s) to keep attention shifted towards living better and better, with more and more presence and authenticity.

Both/and approaches are usually the best in all fields of continuing self-education. And for me the focus upon self-change towards the better for the sake of universal change towards the best is key. Dedicated shamanic shifters can practice self-development to get and be and stay ready in body, heart, and mind to shamanize.

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