Friday, November 09, 2007

Can anything be shamanized...even the IRS?

The answer must be YES or all shamanic practice is in vain! But I know I must shamanize my self and my understandings and attitudes first to get anywhere with my perplexity over what I just heard from a shamanic circle companion.

Story: Almost two years ago Companions Circle - with a history dating back to 1990 in Milwaukee - decided to organize more formally as a Wisconsin non-profit corporation and even apply for the advanced ruling for 501C3 tax-exempt status - which is voluntary for churches which are already statutorily tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). I think the reason for applying back then was to be able eventually to go after grant money for doing more bigger and better neighborhood and community helping transforming projects (i.e ordinary reality shamanic actions). Most if not all foundations and all government agencies require the IRS advanced ruling.

The process towards receiving this (officially unnecessary) designation seems to be bogging down now...because for their own reasons, Spirits decided to assign the most rigorous reviewer to our case! There is at this moment another stack of questions about not-applicable matters, given our alternative, non-mainstream approach.

Yes, a while ago we seemed guided by Spirits to apply for the official IRS letter of recognition but now the process is seemingly blocked by our church-circle's Spirits. I will be shamanic journeying for answers and understandings about why this is it brings blessings in disguise...and how the situation can be shifted. We are a legitimate, low-overhead, micro-church operation in Milwaukee with local and internet outreach missions for good.

But maybe asking for government recognition is asking for trouble...or more trouble than benefit. And maybe this is a way for Spirits to show us this and make things clearer in less uncertain terms. I will grok more after I shamanic journey on it.


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