Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shamanic shifting at the airport

The airport job I miss: When my ordinary reality job took place at the airport I found myself often blessed to be placed by Spirits in perfect situations for intervening with a word or two or gesture to help keep encounters open to the divine and shifting towards the best. The ordinary reality jobs changed over the years yet I was able to shamanize effectively in the airport everyday I worked there. It takes being there aware of the potentials and possibilities waiting for someone to step up and catalyze any shift towards the best. I am dreaming of organizing a volunteer effort for shamanic shifting at the airport here in Milwaukee.

All shamanic dreamers and journeyers who travel please make yourselves awailable for mini-interventions on the fly! Change or even save lives, maybe never knowing the outcomes by radiating meditations into mediations. The bigger crossroads of this world like airports are places of great power intersections, where butterfly-wing sized shamanic shifts magnify instantly and take off for the deeps or the stars daily.


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