Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shamanic deeds remember 911

Terror is the Trickster tipped over the edge from living in intolerable imbalance for so long! The scary shadow that looms is really a sign of the Tree Of Life - with birds nesting in it. The Transforming Trickster suppressed and denied for generations burst among us a while ago and those terrific energies are running wild around the planet as the Terrorist Trickster. Drastic re-creative life shifts will happen no matter what, even from terror and all the rest of the 'worst' we can experience or imagine - but we can help reduce the severity and trauma of our planetary-scale self-torture campaign by giving Trickster back some moments the center and side stages of our carnival world.

So today, the anniversary of 911 I shall take shamanic action by playing a few fun tricks to acknowledge and honor Trickster and all 'trickstery' reality jarring prank patterns everywhere. Another circle companion I know is shamanic journeying around the world to help (as guided by Spirit) any lost suffering beings lingering anywhere from any of the 911 events and aftermath. Another is dancing and wailing, then flowing the wailing into dancing laughter. A couple I know are blessing - to keep open many ways for the blessings from Helping Spirits of all kinds from the lower and upper non-ordinary realms to rush through to all of us.

There are many ways to honor the dead and save this day! I like what some groups are doing with the My Good Deed movement too.


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