Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My shamanic 911 after numerology, astrology, & astronomy messages

Dreaming and awakening at once for 911: Early this I woke up out of shamanic dreaming on a great green realm of the Moon where I was also awakening under a mysterious giant tree towering over me in a silvery haze, a tree of life which seemed to be beckoning me down into the gaping spaces between its roots, sort of like the tree in the photo above. Later I read about the New Moon Eclipse of today, visible on the southern half of earth.

I had never thought about any other kind of lunar eclipse than full - so the New Moon Eclipse hit a nerve. I had been considering shamanic journeying to 911 numbers to remember the significant events of 911 as a national day of reckoning (re-kenning).

But after reading about the astronomy and astrology of September 11, 2007 I decided to prepare for a shamanic grand tour of number and planetary juxtapositions tonight, beginning with a flight down the root space of the hazy moon tree of this morming's dreaming. The intent of this shamanic journey is seeking and finding more meaning to add to my 911 remembering.


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