Friday, September 14, 2007

Many shamanic articles available...

There is already too much written about contemporary and cross-cultural shamanic ways for me to take in during the rest of my life, no matter how long I live and prosper. Everyone on the way of the shaman must be stopping to write a book. Some keep stopping to write better and better books. I benefit more from occasionally picking carefully from website collections of relatively short articles about shamanism.

I do not read those shamanism articles to get 'how to' instructions at all. I read mainly to take in all the differences among shamanic practitioners' points of view...about energy centers of the body...working with nature spirits...sacred directions, levels, and realms...on and on...and best of all their individual stories of becomming shamans or shamans-in-training.

I read for the entertainment value and the bits of prophesy I encounter in fresher words about shamanic ways. Shamans generally don't canonize books of sacred scripture - but if all the shamanic books written just within the past several years were put together that would certainly be a most amazing scroll!

~ Alan

There is a veritable library of articles available on the Shamanic Healing Institute's website...

and on Dr. Tom "tomás" Pinkson's website...

I will be happy if I can do my bit part to life-write a great shamanic un-book for blogging posterity!

~ Sharon


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