Friday, September 14, 2007

Favorite search results for unusual shaman

The title links to the LLewellyn Encyclopedia shamanism articles which I found very indirectly while searching on 'unusual shaman'. I was searching for unusual shaman costuming and masks for education and inspiration. If I search for 'unusual costuming shaman' I get mostly party stuff...but I did find this unusual contemporary shamanic art... (I hope the link stays a while!)

On another search - for what I don't remember anymore - I found an actual unusual shamanic guy developing a new website intersecting the frontiers of science and the non-ordinary.

Back on the 'unusual shaman' search I found a crash online course on Siberia for youngsters...

...and an extensive private mask collection for sale and for study...

...and a crash college-level course and book in Mesoamerican masks...

...and this probably temporary link to a shaman mushroom mask at the bottom of this eBay page...

...which will probably sell and be gone by September 17. So I put a small version at the top of this post.


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