Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Apply shamanic ways first to last!

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When a student of shamanic ways calls amidst a crisis...I am going to ask 'How did you create sacred spacetime and open a circle? What intentions have you shamanic journeyed on so far? Or what other shamanic ways of healing and transforming - such as reconnecting with nature - have you begun? What messages from Spirit(s) are you receiving around this?

Apply shamanic ways first to last if you are a shamanic practitioner and allow all other healing transforming ways be a feature of an open-ended flexible shamanic practice is my recommendation. No matter what, be and live shamanic shifting first before analyzing or commiserating over any disease, distress, or crisis. Beyond either-or and even beyond both-and just live shamanic ways all ways, always, anyway through every here and now moment and situation at hand.

Standard to complementary to alternative; ancient to new through ageless methods and techniques - shamans somewhere already did that somehow! There are some who make shamanic ways a feature of their spiritual and psychological and physical life ways and this usually works well. But for me it works faster and better to consider all therapies and interventions for any trouble or challenge - from standard western medical (or legal or financial) help through energy medicine and other complementary and alternative healing methods through 'survivor' or support groups and through anything and everything else there is to do - features of life-long ongoing flowing overall shamanic practice. Shamanic ways first to last, I say.

All is woven together co-creatively, harmoniously by Spirit and Spirits if we begin and end with Spirit(s). Within any being, situation, or event there is healing and transformation by Spirit(s) through many ordinary and non-ordinary means already built in, already given for the asking and receiving. And any method or technique that cannot blend into universal shamanic ways and otherwise leaves a practitioner - especially an 'adept practitioner' of whatever it is - in a panic or depression screaming or crying for additional help from another outside 'expert' amidst a challenge or crisis might be best put aside for a while, in my view.

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