Thursday, July 26, 2007

Web 2.Uh-Oh, locking, and letting loose NOW

One shift after another...Between Blogger locking us out and - in a stunning sudden synchroncity and reversal - Zaadz notifying us that their zPro project was not ready for the market after all as was their plan and dream (and so our site will exist but in a 'stripped down' streamlined ad-supported interim version while the coders work on it) it is tricky to tell where to center and flow-out our online energies. So here is the NOW moment all around where is always wisest to keep as many options open as possible. Zaadz.Com is a wonderful community and the discussion features will stay and Shamanic Shift Center has stuck with Zaadz as an Ambassador since near it's beginnings. So even though the fun eNewsletter feature will be rolled back into the shop we hope and dream our Zaadz Portal and the FUN Restoration Pod can remain key web circles for us.

What we are letting go of: The Yahoo! groups, and the Shamanic Humorists & Optimists' Proboards forum. These remain online as archives with occasional special announcements posted there so they won't be deleted. Anyone who wants to post on any of them is welcome to do so. The Yahoo! groups now get mostly spam requests to join, complete with auto-comments tailored to the 'request to join' form such as "I am interested in both shamanism and alchemy - what a wonderful group!" or even more clever ruses. If a spammer happens to get in by mistake and posts something it is sent out before anyone can stop it, then folks no one of us who moderate has ever met (who haven't even participated) email bitter complaints and quit in protest. Arguing and complaining might be the norm around Yahoo! (and after all controversy is an entertaining hobby for some) so even though Yahoo!'s list service is full of features those of us who started those groups back in early 2004 recently lost almost all enthusiasm. The Proboards.Com forum is an excellent and reliable service but Proboards insists there will never be RSS there even for 'latest entries' and syndication feeds are how several of us stay in touch with everything and everybody over the distances (except for circling in non-ordinary realms). Shamanic Shift publishes a feed digest of what everyone in the circle is writing who has a blog with RSS who asked to be included.

As I write this...Blogger's apology for locking our weblogs as 'splogs' sits in Shamanic Shift's inbox and I am sure the others who were marked by the 'splog detecting robot' have theirs too by now. And Zaadz.Com is now all the way offline while they strip down and streamline and change servers and whatever else they need to do today. And here in Milwaukee the lush bamboo persists and regenerates and spreads a shady curtain in back of Shamanic Shift Center every day signaling in Spirit(s) that it loves and thrives on all new efforts to trim it back!


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