Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sorry, Blogger locked most of our blogs - Click over to Zaadz instead!

Bye bye Blogger and Blogspot! Since we do not keep up with our Blogger blogs very well anyway and now Blogger has locked many of our interlinking blogs as splogs maybe we shall now finally really just mark this as the precipitating event that gets us to move our blogging away from here - over to our Zaadz and Blog-City portals.

Announcement: This blog is still postable and since it is linked to the others I hope many get this message referring you away from our Blogger blogs from now on (though these may stay online as an archive, linked together as is). We may even start updating Shamanic Adventuring and Day Dreaming at BlogCharm again. We have too many blogs anyway I know - set up in moments of enthusiastic experimentation.


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