Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bye Bye Blogger - I am shifting to Zaadz now!

Join me at Zaadz in the FUN Restoration Pod or Shamanic Shift's Zaadz Portal. I have my own Zaadz page of course but I am not updating it much yet. If I start blogging there I shall come back here and post the link. I am just wondering if I will blog anymore or just join in conversations through discussions instead. Less and fewer will probably turn out to be more and better.

The Story of Too Many Blogs

It all started back in 2004 when Shamanic Shift Center received dedicated funds for a computer, internet connection (and web presence). This old school of self-designated 'oldies but goodies' discovered Yahoo! first. Then we realized there was Blogger and Blog-City. Everyone in the circle of former Milwaukee circle companions who were interconnecting online wanted a blog of their own - before noticing how much more most of us are into 'being' than blogging. Of course we didn't discover categories for a while either so we opened blogs for each of several projects and topics, at Blogger, Blog-City, and BlogCharm. And 'Shamantic! and Elizabeth's LiveJournal can be counted among these too many blogs too. The Shamanic Humorists & Optimists were centering around a Proboards.Com site as their portal for a while but the sense of community was sparse and Proboards stated they would never offer RSS feeds.

Major Detour: We fell for WordPress and thought hosting WordPress blogs to organize content would be the final blogging and website solution-in-one and we were preparing to shift and center everything on WordPress. Then our hosted WordPress blogs were exploited and became infected with pop-up generating extra codes and we realized we did not have the know-how to fix and keep ahead of a technical challenge like that. So we fell back upon our original Blogspot and the Blog-City Shamanic Shift and Shamanic Humorists & Optimists portal blogs which had been opened originally (back near the beginning of this saga) as home website add on pages for Shamantic.Org - named for shamanic jester Shamantic! The Wise.

Originally, those blogs were started so we IT pikers could login add onto the website from the internet, back when no one of us knew anything about code or templates or anything internet. But we soon lost touch with the good geek who was helping us so each of us has had to learn a few things.

We really thought we could depend upon Blogger as a continuing online portal but now we know how wrong we were about that! Bye bye Blogger and Blogspot! When we met by chat this morning I had to admit that I cannot say no one tried to warn us. Fortunately by now most of our computers and browsers and intermittent internet connections have gradually upgraded and caught up to the Web 2.0 coding at Zaadz.Com so we can interconnect and grow our circle there. (There is still a whole circle of companions of ours in Milwaukee who do not have internet connections close at hand or at all and they keep in touch in person.)

So that is the story and current situation with our too many blogs!


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