Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Forwards, Announcements, and Sharing

Thank-you Marshall for this wisdom...

Lifehack.Org - Other People Are Not Broken

...for it is a reminder that shamanic shifting is life hacking too!

Also...Cymone sent us this fascinating webpage about the sacred and mysterious in Wisconsin...

BurlingtonNews.Net - Wisconsin Vortexs and Cymone also announces that...

Milwaukee International Film Festival (MIFF) has openings for volunteers at Polish Fest - volunteers get in free!

"MIFF has several shifts available to staff the MIFF table at Polish Fest this coming weekend, June 22-24. Volunteers will receive FREE admission to Polish Fest to enjoy the fest before or after the shift. To volunteer, log into Shiftboard and review available shifts and their descriptions. If you can accommodate a shift, click 'Take this Shift'.

MIFF Shiftboard - http://www.shiftboard.com/miff

...so thank-you Cymone for the forwards!

Other news: Shamanic Shift's MySpace is still online but will from now on only refer elsewhere...because that was the main purpose for it anyway and MySpace put tracking codes in all the outgoing URLs which didn't even work in some cases. So instead visit our professional portal at...


...nestled amidst a nurturing community of growing seeds of conscious capitalism. Please visit and join! Soon everyone on this list will receive our new eNewsletter which we are publishing through Zaadz. Hopefully duplication will be avoided as email addresses that were signed up for any of our mailing lists get added to the Zaadz eNewsletter list but unsubscribing is easy in case you don't want to receive any newsletters or if you happen to start receiving more than one copy because we goofed. From here on, (the plan is) the Zaadz mailing list will be the official list. As many of you know we have shifted through some security disasters recently trying to go Web 2.0 on our own through our host - due to vulnerabilities that go along with those highly functional scripts and we had to fall back on plain html for our own websites and do the 2.0 thing through gated communities such as Zaadz.


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