Saturday, June 09, 2007

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We tell ourselves all kinds of stories...then dream and tell these stories as our lives. Even the horror stories and nightmares we live can be life enhancing - when they shock us then awaken us so we can dream anew and change our stories.

Shamanic Action: I won't knowingly buy another factory farming product. I'm joining the resistance - it's not futile. I can do and dream better day by day and refuse cruel meals. Whether I take political action or not I can purify my energy-money flow and shamanic storying around ethical eating everywhere I go.

Shamanic Dreaming: I dream re-creative, co-creative working companionship among all beings in this world, even though we must still eat one another during the daily play of Life. My view: Plants and minerals are living beings just as alive as animals and Ourkind, and my elders and ancestors were all omnivorous, and a few of my animal helpers are omnivorous and several are carnivorous - and every being in ordinary reality eats and gets eaten somehow - so 'abstaining from meat' does not automatically mean ethical eating let alone sacred eating to me. I am still journeying on the intention of learning how to 'eat in a sacred way' while here on earth and how best to offer my own matter and energy body to LIFE when the fateful perfect moment arises.


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