Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Shamanic Action - Intentional buying, driving, phoning, everything

Shamanic actions match shamanic intentions - Being and living guided by Spirit(s) day by day - guided to information, social actions and choices of foods and products to buy - is key to living shamanic shifting. The title links to a petition - one of thousands out there on the internet and in our neighbrohoods - but anyone could get discouraged quickly, overwhelmed by the number of competing and even opposing worthy causes that draw attention.

Living on purpose is crucial! It is not ever ok to protest or buy or do anything by default or give in to exhaustion, carelessness, and discouragement. Playing nice at shamanic workshops and 'social justice' gatherings is rediculous if getting there was by rude, rushed, fuel guzzling driving while complaining into a cellphone after a massive 'cruelty buying' spree - and when you engine-idle while basking in air conditioning during the minutes to spare you earned from arriving early before the entrance is even unlocked. Bring to Spirit(s) an overall intention and renew a central dedication to live the Best Way possible moment by moment starting this here and now. Shamanic quest for the best 'how to' answers - each one's answers from Spirit(s) will vary in specifics according to the spacetime coordinates of context. Keep paying attention then live each answer as it comes. This is a good basic shamanic action method.


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