Friday, May 25, 2007

Drum Making Class

Dear Human Angels,

David "Eight Eagles" Granados and Andrea "Skywalker Woman" Louis are offering a class to make an 18" or 20" Native American hand drum. Due to the process required to make the drum, we will begin early Friday evening and continue through mid-day Saturday. It will be held at Eight Eagles' site near Caledonia.

Our favorite date is July 6 and 7. July 6th is the Dalai Lama's birthday and July 7th is 070707, another harmonic convergence point pre-2012. Humans tread where angels truly cannot. Thus, we are the new biological angels assisting the earth and its inhabitants to move into a time of peace, love and harmony. We will be dedicating our drums to this energy shift assisted by Mother Earth.

We will begin ritual Friday night by soaking and preparing the materials, doing a purification sweat (beginners welcome), sharing a feast, and campout at David's home. Saturday we will make the drums and do ritual with them followed by an Eight Eagles specialty, an Indian taco lunch. Final details will be sent with registration.

The full cost of the class/retreat is $150. A $50 deposit will secure your place in the class. If you desire to be part of this sacred ritual, please indicate your interest and send a $50 deposit (payable to Earthlodge Foundation) to Andrea Louis at 2702 E. Jarvis St., Shorewood, WI 53211.

Since the drum materials are prepared in Texas and the class is only a month away, we need to have your response ASAP along with the drum size you want. To respond phone 414-755-2876 and send the check separately.

The class size will be limited to 10 including Eight Eagles. If you cannot make this date and are interested, we have an alternate date of July 27-28 and a yet-to-be-announced fall date. Please indicate your preference.

May you walk in beauty,
Skywalker Woman and Eight Eagles

(Thank-you Cymone for forwarding this information!)


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