Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spiritual companionship continues through the quadrants and levels

English: How to fold a paper fortune teller 12...
English: How to fold a paper fortune teller 12 steps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Book recommendation: We agree, ADVENTURES AMONG SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCES by Timothy Wyllie resonates with some of the shared energy-flows of our ongoing spiritual adventuring as an 'odd couple' of shamanic-life-journeying companions. Our encounters are more ordinary and so far we have failed to get ourselves to record much.

Our more pedestrian adventures still deepen our sacred geometries in all directions, dimensions, and levels in the contexts of each of us as individuals and as relations to one another and our cultures. We opened this journal to publish a record of our spiritual adventuring while remaining mostly unknown and almost anonymous. We each encountered the Anonymity Tradition of the 12-Steps at earlier stages of our journeys and have adopted it together as a foundation of our practice way though we make no claims of being 'addicted' to or 'powerless over' anything beyond this central trouble and key challenge - acting out the mental and emotional patterns of taking matter and matters for being really solid, big, sweat-worthy stuff.

Will we ever get better at blogging? We are keeping this blog open whether we start updating it more frequently or not because we can keep our blogroll of (more than just blog) links here, handy whenever we can connect to the internet. We are living a comfortable enough yet vagabond-ish life these 'retirement' days, and our precious moments are being spent on many other creative expressions than writing. We will continue to check in here now and again.
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