Saturday, April 14, 2007

Minatures of bigger pictures for prayer purposes

Shamanic alerts: When I join this early stage 'internet of being' ourkind is evolving here on the planet I can almost reach out and touch troubles in real spacetime. When I consider the glowing computer monitor before me to be an intention-icon for shamanic dreaming and prayer treatment I do my best to shift my own reactions, clear obstacles within that block better dreaming, and open my self just a little more as a mini-gateway for natural life-spirit shifts toward the Best.

Keeping balance is tricky! Both denial of and dwelling on suffering block shamanic shifting. But along the internet and WWWeb it seems to be getting easier to focus on, wonder over, and connect with beings, places, and situations living and dying in the midst of all sizes, scales, and intensities of spacial-temporal challenges and disasters, parallel or intersecting - outshining or overshadowing - my own.


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