Friday, April 06, 2007

Freedom from pressure to blog forced blogging in link blogging

When I write I usually post here...

...anonymously at ('Shamanic Shifting Dreaming Drumming and Foolish Wondering')

...and on the other Universal Peregrine Companions weblogs, especially... ('Living SpaceTime Spiral Temple') originally opened by Teal and me...

or at Zaadz...or Yahoo! Shaman Fools and Yahoo! Shamanic Alchemy.

So what is left for here? I hereby shift this weblog into a link blog and a handy space to keep my blogroll which I updated last week, finally. I hereby declare my freedom from troubling tendencies and pesky patterns of giving in to pressure to blog and doing any forced blogging.

If all I have to offer here is links, I shall simply link blog here and now

...every now and then, maybe without comment. If I simply, quickly linked even a small percentage of the beings, situations, and things I wonder over along my shamanic journey of life this blog would be updated every hour. And I might have fun every so often revisiting and remembering these snippets of web life.


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