Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Weirder than usual links might appear here...

Context Advertising: This site already has a lot of advertising on it. The Amazon and Google Adsense banners already give a wide range of results from just plain weird through mildly to wildly synchronicitous or seredipitous, to downright absurd and ridiculous! But I like advertising - except for popups - when it results in more linking to whatever might be needed in the spur of a moment somewhere, beyond the limits of my imaginings, even links 'the competition' if there is any.

So...for a while of a trial I am putting Amazon's new context advertising script in the template of several of our webpages. Maybe some of our blogging circle companions who have already put our Google Adsense code on their weblogs to help support Shamanic Shift's outreach by just that much will put the this javascript code snippet in their pages too but that is up to each of them. This is just advance notice to circle companions who don't yet know of this experiment and all readers that even stranger than usual text links may be appearing here and there. So far the new code is on our team weblogs where the 'old team' now signs in under one username and on Shamantic!'s website on the pages which share the same footer.

I find even the craziest links delightful because I practice bizarre juxtapositioning in shamanic fun restoration and these examples open up new directions and show new nuances. I can accept the likely possibility that I generate links to what I would otherwise avoid as I write - my life as well as my blogging - for that is what happens in this world to give clues to what needs and wants to shift.

As I write this I am still considering whether to put the code on this particular page. I am waiting for comments or objections from team members who haven't already expressed a view on this.


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