Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Shift Guantánamo With Amnesty International

Action idea for ordinary reality from Amnesty International -

Host or attend a "Road to Guantánamo" House Party!

'Only 10 free videos of "Road to Guantánamo" remain. Sign up now to host a screening of this gripping film about Guantánamo Bay. Or, if you'd rather attend a party, search for one in your area .

"Road to Guantánamo" tells the story of the Tipton Three, three British nationals who were held in Afghanistan and Guantánamo before they were able to prove their innocence. Their story sheds light on the broken system that has held children, the elderly, self proclaiming Al Qaeda and those who deny any connection to terrorism.'

There is more information about Guantánamo and actions for restoring habeas corpus at the AI website. (Thank-you Cymone for sending on this information.)


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