Monday, March 19, 2007

FUN Restoration Pod - Join Us On Zaadz

Everyone is invited to register at Zaadz and join our F.U.N. Restoration Pod! F.U.N. stands for Fun, Freedom, & Unity Unfurling Universally Now New. This is a message circle for anyone who links shamanic ways practices to healing laughter, wise foolishness, crazy wisdom, contrariantics, recreative play, or spiritual jesting or sacred clowning.

If you apply to join Zaadz.Com without an invitation approval by their staff takes a day or so. Ask for a direct invitation for faster processing or just wait it out. After you belong go to 'Pods' with the link on your page and search for 'fun restoration' and then follow that link to F.U.N. Restoration and click JOIN THIS POD. Also have fun filling out your profile and blogging and networking.

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