Thursday, March 01, 2007

Clip Current Events To Journey On

Questioning and questing on whatever draws the attention span can be an effective cure for dwelling on and then resonating into ordinary reality more and more of 'what I don't want' - a little bit like taking a tiny, deliberate dose of 'what ails' to jump-start the 'getting better' natural and cosmic self and universal healing and transforming (open secret) processes. The key to beneficial 'taking in' of everyday 'media news' is shamanic journeying on as in onward from these images and words and dancing towards and into the new, beautiful, harmonious shapes, dreams, and stories of 'what I do want' as life on earth. To shift news, journey on it.

New improved web tool for news shifting: I was thrilled to find all the features at Shamanic Shift's Clipmarks now functioning in the latest, recently updated version. Clipmarks looked like a great web based social blogging and networking tool before but in the earlier version many glitches caused the service to be too quirky for me to recommend it. We added the RSS feeds for our Clipmarks topics to our WebMarks (social bookmarking and clipping) Feeddigest (another great web tool) which is published at WebMarks at Shamanic-Shift.Org but now I imagine we can do more there.


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