Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cetaceans, Pachyderms, & Primates (& All) Unite!

Living Beings of EarthKind re-unite! Save our earth. In my simple consciousness this seems childishly simple. So far this worldwide movement includes...

The Cetacean Nation Whales and dolphins are still singing up harmony, blowing back as much 'hot air' as possible, transformed!

Pachyderm Know Thyself ...writes a thoughtful individual yet I suppose all creatures great and small know more than most of 'our kind' usually imagine.

What about primate reflections? Here we notice that primates are starting to regard one another differently. (This is an important step.)

Is the universe our mirror? How self-aware can consciousness get?

Thanks for inviting me, Tom, to this central blog. I procrastinated on joining in myself but I am happy to be here!


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