Friday, February 02, 2007

Website Upgrading...Then Disaster...Then Renewal

Apologies to anyone who bookmarked posts or pages at Shamanic-Shift.Org...Because most of the original links are now broken and most pages have a new URL after my attempt to upgrade WordPress to the latest 'stable' version took a wild turn and the situation necessitated re-installing. The hosting service's version of MySQL and amount of PHP memory were not up to the upgrade and though the site is back, the inadequacies are still causing a download box to appear in the Foxfire web browser now and then at the first click on any internal links there. If this happens while you are there just choose 'Cancel' in that box then click the link again and it will probably work on the second attempt. Eventually this weirdness will clear up as our website host upgrades gradually. Of course I will wait to upgrade the other WordPress based websites because they work ok right now. (All the previous upgrades were easy and seamless!)

Our 2007 'Bird Shrine' is the southeast corner of Astor and Knapp Streets on the edge of the Astor Hotel parking lot. Thank-you to anyone who is donating seeds and dreams there. I can tell folks are visiting between my visits. There isn't much decoration so far and a small pile of river stones placed on the west side of the space to symbolize an altar has been covered with snow for a couple weeks. Everyday I just pick up the trash, offer prayers and dreams, and spread out the seeds between the Arbor Vitae and Thorn bushes. Thank-you also to the circle companions who donated candles this week!

Many Blessings To All!
~ Elizabeth


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