Saturday, February 24, 2007

So 'Let go and let Subconscious?'

Letting go (while hanging onto the reins) to Mystery, Great Consciousness (all kinds of consciousness), and Life Spirit(s) stirs me more than saying 'Let go and let your subconscious work things out' yet the process is effective anyway no matter how different folks describe it. The beneficial effects of cultivating relationships with energy flows and patterns of life and being moving around more and less mysteriously beneath the thresholds of my ordinary, everyday conscious mind's working and playing gets demonstrated to me empirically day by day.

A little like a child: I can wax anecdotal about relating to or letting go to non-ordinary, non-local consciousness hardly caring if I ever get hard scientific proof of any of it. And I can and do (paradoxically) remain a (soft-core) skeptic about many paranormal or transconscious or new notions called to my attention. The tension of remaining skeptical even while wondering and speculating awakens and thrills me all the more.


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