Friday, February 23, 2007

Shamanic Journeying to the Baal Shem Tov

I am setting up this shamanic journey to the legendary Baal Shem Tov for a new transforming story. Although I'm not Jewish I practice 'Jewish Shamanism' as best I can, interwoven with adapted, variously interpreted, non-traditional Huna teachings given to me by Spirit(s) in dreams. Maybe I will receive a story told by a Hawaiian Kupua instead...or by some other mage or sage as this journey winds and unwinds its way.

The purpose is bringing back a shamanic shifting live it to the fullest, and thereby tie more intimately yet openly even just a little bit more of whatever needs and wants to re-connect within to that much more of whatever needs and wants to re-unify in the world's outer communities, and thereby tie all of that firmly yet flexibly into the Great Shapeshifting of LIFE always co-creatively resonating and interweaving all cosmic, quantum, magikal, mysterious superstrings into the ultimate, Never-Ending Story. And I journey for fun.

~ Alan


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