Saturday, February 03, 2007

Picture The Bird Shrine

Picture the Bird Shrine corner! It is difficult to get close up and have the birds stay in the picture. I wonder how they stay warm enough to stay alive during the bitter cold nights. I know that several die each day and get picked at by crows and partially eaten by other critters. Some few are snatched suddenly off the bush or out of thin air by one of the owls.

The simple, everyday ritual: scattering the seeds in a sheltered place between the bushes and dreaming new dreams for birds, trees, the earth, all folks, and every or any being - and picking up any litter dropped or blown in. This is a corner that gets a lot of traffic from neighborhood folks short-cutting across the Astor Hotel parking lot on the way over to a local grocery store so the small miracle of a tiny litter free zone catching on there is just one of my dreams.


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