Friday, February 23, 2007

Our Animal Relations Need More Help

More action links...while some us are in the mode for it!

We Need The Dog and Cat Fur Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007

Medical School Dog Labs - Torture Not Teaching

For all in the greater Milwaukee area is a view from the opposing side defending as necessary live animal medical school labs, for the Medical College of Wisconsin still uses dogs while in Madison the University of Wisconsin Medical School uses pigs for their training programs. I feel so awful - very deeply discouraged - from knowing this practice is ongoing in so many places that I almost wish this article in favor of live creature dissection labs had convinced me that it is perfectly ok (or even imperfectly ok) to cut up any of our littlest, most loyal companions (I am including the pigs in this category) for noble causes like training more western medical doctors - most of whom are just college youngsters to me, Old Curmudgeon Crabbee.

Well calm, courage, and mental fortitude I keep chanting to myself! After all in the biggest, widest, brightest, best picture everything is ok indeed and 'all is well and all will be well' no matter what, as my wise, understanding, knowlegeable teacher Saint Julian of Norwich pronounced.


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