Monday, February 05, 2007

No Licensing Of What Is Alternative Or Non-Ordinary

My view on regulating and licensing the alternative: Don't try- please. If a healing practice is complementary and most of its practitioners want to (try to) interface seamlessly with ordinary M.D. type doctors and other state licensed health professionals who live in the dream-flow of standardized western medicine (and insurance payments) then go for the licensing I say. I advise against it but go for it if you must!

But if you are practicing and advertising an alternative medicine please I beg of you stick with the apprenticeship, self-education, experience, word of mouth, 'by their fruits you shall know them' approach to accountability. Gather together societies to exchange knowledge and network and maybe develop a code of ethics. There are too many licenses out there already so use one of those if you must be a licensed something or other. There can be accountability through circle, community, and voluntary cooperation if we dream and dance it. (In my not-humble-enough as usual opinion, insurance causes more harm than good, but anyway alternatives should be gotten on a self-pay or energy-exchange or donation basis.)

Why the big rush to 'integrate' alternatives with the usual western medicine (which so many are finding inadequate) and then get these alternatives recognized as standard (yet really only as sub-standard by the establishment), and then get them regulated by the government or some government recognized agency (for a not at all cost effective tax/fee given the privileges to hassles ratio)? How can anyone regulate - without destroying - what is essentially non-ordinary, un-measurable, inward and invisible, and therefore unprovable by the scientific method or the best of double-blind studies? There will always be stacks and stories of empirical and anecdotal 'evidence' that will always be proof enough for me and others like me after all.

Of course some alternatives are scientifically measurable but I still opine that government regulation always diminishes potential, possibilities, and creativity more than it ever adds anything good on. Generations of folks have grown used to the false sense of rightness and security offered by government regulation (and control) by now but I say it is never too late to turn away, back to freedom and co-creativity!

My blogging hero for today: I agree almost entirely with what Susan Weed wrote quite a while ago in SHARE THE TALKING STICK about licensing herbalists. I keep extrapolating her points to any other truly alternative medicines and healing practices still available these days, particularly shamanic ways of alchemical transformation and spiritual healing.

Oh well, I'm an old f--t so don't get anything of yours in an uproar if you disagree with me vehemently - just consider the source!


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