Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Habits & Bad Habits & Religious Habits

Costume or habit: Some of the Shamanic Humorists & Optimists wear subtle to garish shamanic street-jesting costumes, for one reason because costumes are more fun than habits, and for another reason they are often more intentional. But I was just wondering 'What would the best religious type habit for the spiritual disorder of Universal Peregrine Companions - if ever we were to adopt such garb?

I would hate to get stuck in a bad habit! A good habit would be easy to care for, sturdy, beautiful, simple, basic yet able able to be individualized (because shamanic practice is individualistic to the max) and added on to, and neither modern or ancient looking. I am visualizing some sort of a caftan. Circle companions could have 2 or 3 of these garments in colors and natural-fiber cloth of their choosing, in a length of their choosing from below the waist to below the knee, able to be worn over pants or not, able to be worn with a prayer-shawl-hood or apron or scapular or not, able to be dressed up with other items of shamanic garb or costuming or not depending upon the ritual of the moment or other shamanizing situation at hand.

So far the only cogent writing on this question by anyone I have been able to find: On Spirit and Garb by Will Shetterly (and commenting visitors) in his blog called ITS ALL ONE THING. There are some very interesting links off that blog, too. I came to this rather goofy musing during a period of reflection, while reconsidering how many good and bad habits I have still!

~ Sharon


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