Saturday, February 24, 2007

Amazing, Vivid, Images For Imagining Adventures

'Imaginary' treasure: Image After is an online treasure of photographic images like this one, and more everyday pictures, all free for use on websites by anyone. I linked it up in the title. Many photos there like this naturally, miraculously symbol marked Abalone remind me of shamanic journey and imaginary landscapes I experience. In a shamanic dream I was given three choices, over and over, of ways to enter the next new unknown realm on my quest. As a child I magnified or transformed seashells into expansive palaces or otherworldly maps or secret vault keys while I soft-gazed on windswept dunes near shipwrecking waves!

For looking and learning: Another favorite website on blizzardy days is Nature.Org, the online presence of The Nature Conservancy. I visit there often to stretch my old wondering muscles and dream new shamanic adventures.


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