Sunday, January 21, 2007

Web-Incidental Fun: Disparate David Friedmans

Is there really any such phenomenon as web-incidence? This week I kept coming to pages of diverse interest by 'David Friedman' - by three 'unrelated' David Friedmans. The only topic I was reading around is 'noticing and avoiding literalism and materialism' in philosophy, religion, whatever, really, and especially in contemporary and 'New Age' neo- style popularizations of ageless, universal, hidden-in-plain-sight, formerly known as esoteric, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge teachings...that is Teachings, meaning teach + ing (ongoing, always at the edge), still hidden between the lines of the obvious of the seen, the hidden of the seen, the seen of the hidden, and even the still hidden as soon as it is uncovered! It seems to have nothing to do with anything I was considering that...

First I came to (another website for this blogroll), then, then web-incidentally...

...before I googled and found even more David Friedmans. I am enjoying HARALD and appreciating 'A Cure For Messianic Madness' and wondering how the 'Rule Of Thirds' might relate to how I am dreaming and picturing my life.

~ Alan

So... I decided to see what fun with ambiguity might be had. Ambiguity must connect at least loosely to philosophy and to religion, and science, and art, and magik (and magic and magick), and pretty much anything.

~ Sharon


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