Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ok...We Shift To New Blogger Any Moment!

Update: This blogspot is now on New Blogger! New invitations have been sent to the few of you who are still listed on the 'Old Blogger' in case you run into trouble whenever you login. (Start over anew or just sign-in on the Old Blogger and follow the process to shift to the new.)

All our Blogspots have shifted except this one...and the other 'team blogs' have been changed to individual accounts leaving this as the only team weblog among the lot (even though some of the other individual accounts may be used by more than one). On good authority I understand that what happens is...After the shift to the New Blogger, this blog's team members who have not associated the email they use for Blogger with a Google account will be prompted to do so whenever they next log in here to post. After you follow the process and shift to New Blogger with Google you will be able to post here again.

Any folks we see 'unshifted' on this list after a while may receive a new invitation to this blog in the New Blogger just in case. This blog's shift to the New Blogger may happen within the next 24 hours or soon after. I am waiting still to receive a word from one of the original 'admin' team members so we can have a consensus before I click the link that has been steadily nagging us to changeover for the past several weeks. (Also: The list of contributors on the sidebar may disappear after the changeover but I will add one back on manually if necessary so all team members get credit for 'being here' with us.)

All of you are still invited to register as contributors over at Shamanic-Shift.org's new WordPress blog, hosted by us. There are still a couple of on and off hosting issues with the database connection that occasionally cause error pages to appear but since some upgrades and tweaks by our hosting company a few weeks ago the blog usually has been working ok. We have decided to stick with this 'first blog we ever started' and Blogger too.


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