Monday, January 08, 2007

eList Recommendations - Chaos & Wisdom Keepers

Shamantic! and Shamanic Shift have joined and then (after brief whiles) quit several online shamanism Yahoo! and MSN and other places. As soon as posts begin showing up 'debunking' the shamanic practices of others or complaining about the use of the words 'shaman' or 'shamanism' (ho hum!) or imputing ill to anyone (even politicians) we were off those lists! The only open shamanism list we still follow (that members of our circles do not own) is...

Shamanic Wisdomkeepers at groups

...because that group keeps and exchanges as much shamanic wisdom as possible according to its declared purpose and the folks there consistently treat one another with the utmost respect. We only lurk on their list, however, so this little public recommendation seems like the least I can offer as a favor in return!

Of course we have not joined even close to an exhaustive number of public shamanism lists and I do suppose there must be many other praise worthy online circles, communities, and lists alive on the web somewhere. If you own or otherwise know of any please let me know the specifics so I can add them to our shamanic ways links list. You can send word through this page of Shamantic!'s website. (Anyone who wants to join this blogging team can ask for an invitation there too.)

Along weirdly different lines...Shamanic Shift remains on the emailing list of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences (SCTPLS) because those folks keep on sending forth an amazing, entertaining, diverse collection of deep considerations and wide ranging discussions of all aspects of Chaos. I enjoy as much as I can...then delete.


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