Monday, December 18, 2006

Yule Thanksgiving To All Helpers From Shamanic Shift , Milwaukee & Everywhere!

Photo of Milwaukee Shamanic Shift Sanctuary Divine Feminine and Children Shrine by J.M.McCombieHere is a big thank-you to all who generously out of the great, wondrous universal abundance have given funds, energy-flow, and gifts to the Shamanic Shift outreach of Companions Circle this year! This is a 'micro-church' and a 'circle-church' and 'churchless church' yet we have kept sacred spacetime open in our sanctuary and office on this urban crossroads of Astor and Knapp Streets for situations, souls, and places to be shifted by Spirit(s) towards the best new dreams and dances.

Besides ongoing shamanic prayer and questing by circle companions, we have continued to offer for free or an affordable donation supportive, practical, advocacy, and non-sectarian spiritual counseling to our neighbors here in Milwaukee as well as expand shamanic phone and email consultations for counseling, divination, teaching, and healing. All donations of all kinds have been put to valuable use!

Again, many thanks everyone!

Shamanic Shift, Companions Circle, and Aloha Salem Quest (ASQ) University of Shamanic Ways has opened up another new website in WordPress for collecting articles about and related to any kind shamanic practices or principles. Everyone is invited to register and post articles for credit and a link to your website(s).

Please visit and write articles or help us collect and organize relevant articles of interest to diverse shamanizers and shamanists and kindred practitioners (of magik, soul science, energy and medicine, spiritual activism, ecospirituality, earth-centered traditions and tradition-blends, divination and more), as long as the writings are offered free for republishing with attribution. Or you can do a combination. Here is the URL...

...and the site is new and still under construction so register and join and begin writing anyway! If you join please link to the site somewhere from your help your writings (and link) get found more often.


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