Monday, December 11, 2006

Ordinary Reality Notes From An Internet Activist

Here are two notes that arrived in Shamanic Shift's inbox from
internet activist Cymone of Milwaukee -

Dear Friend,
Bombs in Glacier? Not if we can help it. NPCA is rallying
support for Glacier National Park's preferred alternative to
avalanche control within park boundaries. Join me in urging the
Park to reject Burlington Northern Santa Fe's bombing
alternative and supporting a safer alternative for people and
wildlife. Take action on this action alert from NPCA at

Dear Friend,
I just wrote my representative urging opposition to efforts by
Big Oil to open more of America's vulnerable coasts to offshore
drilling. The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote
this week on a bill that would lift coastal protections and open
the door to destructive new offshore oil and gas drilling.

Click below to send an email to your representative today. Urge
him or her to stop this bill from becoming another example of
misguided energy policies promoted by oil companies, their
allies in Congress, and the Bush Administration.

(Thanks Cymone!)


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