Sunday, December 24, 2006

Milwaukee & World Blessings In Disguise

Photo by, I apologize for the deleted posts around this one...I forgot the URL changes if the title changes!)

When the disguises on life's blessings are thick, very thick, often whole lifetimes thick, I am thankful for daily reminders to make an extra effort to thank Spirit(s) for all the blessings of this the examples above and below, no matter what...

...and now I offer all the individuals and situations bringing us costumed and masked blessings back to Spirit(s) for further soul and reality shifting towards the Best for all. Today I shamanic dream again of being more and more aware of the incognito angels I am 'entertaining' (and being entertained by) every day in too many odd and ordinary ways to keep track of - at the corner, on the bus, in line at the store, amidst rush hour traffic, through trouble and terror...everywhere and anywhere.


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