Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year! What are we doing about the New Blogger?

Happy New Year!

Also: Here is what happens when a team blog like this one switches to the New Blogger...

...and with so many members here I am considering waiting until switching from the Old Blogger (where this blog still is) to the New Blogger becomes mandatory. When this blog is switched by an administrator anyone on the team who has not yet switched (aside from this blog) will need to get a Google account associated with the email used for this weblog. Blogger and Google provides links for doing this or a new invitation can be sent if this does not work.

I am waiting because we may instead just invite everyone to a new weblog hosted by us! The other (few) blog administrators here and I are mulling this over and maybe sooner than later will reach a consensus.

Anyway, please visit these newer web pages:

Soon, New Shamantic.Org will be up and running in WordPress, too, featuring a fun restoring, self-development, and soul sciences approach to shamanic ways! (Look for a link soon.)

And here is a fun website of panoramas sent by an anonymous circle companion - who takes introversion into new frontiers (yet is NOT shy)...So thank-you for the wider variety of perspectives.

Many Blessings Everyone & Anyone!
~ Elizabeth & Shamantic!

P.S. Please please go ahead and register at the websites above even if you do not have writings to contribute yet. Friendly lurkers are always welcome too. These pages are new so there is limited content there so far and everything is subject to unpredictable changes AND SO you are anyway welcome to contribute content and/or feedback if you do have some, according to your best interpretation of the guidelines posted at each place! (For sure - add your link to Shamantic!'s links if you have a website or weblog!)


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