Friday, December 08, 2006

Clouds Blowing Over Me By The Law Of Attraction

Shamanic Journeying & The Law Of Attraction: If clouds are blowing over inner and outer conflicts and confusions around my intents and desires I can shamanic journey (like a child) for what I want and receive delightful symbolic containers full of potentials and possibilities from Spirit(s). I don't have to understand all the metaphysics behind the laws of the universe just because the laws all work no matter what. Shamanic journeying allows me soar below and beyond the clouds and detour around many pitfalls.

Shamanic journeying 'on it' with Spirit(s) again and again through lower, upper, and middle realms of being naturally goes through every alchemical process and allows gut, heart, and mind to vibrate in unity around my purpose and keep flowing more and more attention, energy, and matter towards dancing my dream to everyday life starting long before I can put the details into exact words. As exact words become clearer, I can also shift my thoughts and emotions according to these.

Shamanizing begins conscious play with the Law Of Attraction and all the cosmic and natural laws at the deepest levels even before I have cleared up or cleaned up every inner conflict or interior mess that might discourage me or stand in the way of the best results. Because shamanic journeying is so much fun I am not tempted to detour into a fun house of mirrors and forget my purpose whenever I begin pondering the profound paradox of subjectivity as the new objectivity.


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