Monday, December 04, 2006

Care2 News Source...Watching News Sources With Care, Too

So our blog has been returned to us. (We didn't forget our Google account email...the Blogger Beta dashboard didn't connect to our blog so we tried changing the email associated with our Google account...and now the blog is accessible from the first account and we now have two Blogger Beta accounts...besides the login at the 'old Blogger' for the team weblog We have two new Yahoo! accounts now, too, in addition to each having our own.)

Story Questing: I went out looking for news and article resources for the Companions Circle - Shamanic Shift news digests and new article collection website for Aloha Salem Quest (ASQ) University of Shamanic Ways...which I have not even signed up at yet...even though the project is named after us (long silly story). Here is a news source that sent itself to me as email...

Care2 News

...just when I was reconsidering my approach to shamanic re-dreaming of the daily news. My practice is shamanic shifting the news not letting the news unbalance me...yet I notice than now and then I dwell for longer periods than necessary on the seemingly sordid or gruesome stories before dreaming and re-telling.

~ Sharon

News habit: I am finding 'going on a news diet' to be a useful concept. But I just realized what I really mean to do is go on is a 'news fast' - a diet with multi-dimensions to it, that honors cycles, holidays, and seasons.

A self-development teacher I am reading advises the elimination of almost all news sources from everyday life for one's own one's own self can shift more quickly towards the most life enhancing vibration possible, attract the most goodness, and so shift all beings and consciousness in the universe toward the Best. It is probably much easier and safer to eliminate news sources rather than risk 'dwelling' upon discouraging words or developing news addiction. But I am still for conscious digestion of the news...and conscious questioning, questing, and jesting on the news and incorporating transformation...then 'eliminating' as allowing to pass through and letting go and recycling.

~ Alan


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