Sunday, December 03, 2006

Alan & Sharon Reporting...A Little Beta Trouble

So I know we are not the only two who had trouble with Blogger Beta. We finally got access to our blog again through the first email we had used to switch to the Beta when that process did not work. We were able to sign up for the google account but the our blog wasn't tied in at the end of the day. We were still able to email-to-blog through the 'old' Blogger but not log in to the original or the Beta dashbord. We emailed Blogger support and received no response, not even the bot mail.

Then suddenly today we were able to log in at the old Blogger and where we could post but could not update the template or do anything else. Then I noticed that we had received an email after two weeks of requests to Blogger for assistance, telling us to log in to the Beta again using the original (google account sign-up) email we had used. So today I did and now it works! Maybe the dreaming of keeping these blogs instead of starting over has already shifted reality (by just that much). I hear that the prompts urging everyone to switch from 'plain Blogger' to the Beta are now page sized but I would wait until the last moment if I could choose all over again.

~ Alan

Trickster was posting a message to me on the interior web: 'You were neglecting that blog, blogging seldom, so your blog went away!' I do like WordPress and I am still dreaming of beginning blogging anew on WordPress too. This has been trickster teaching and exercise - bringing a dream closer to life, teaching the shifting of bitty beta troubles to disguised blessings. (Now begins more practice turning even simple disguises inside out.)

~ Sharon


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