Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Smartgroups List Is Migrating...

We had a great little mailing list at Smartgroups but that service is going down in a few days! So we are in the process of sending out invitations to join Shamanic Alchemy at Yahoo! Groups. An alternative is our other Yahoo! list, the Shaman Fools, in case anyone might like it better but we won't send another mass invition out. All are welcome to join both.

Also, we are inviting members of Shamanic Shift's & Companions Circle's soon to be erased Smartgroups list (along with anyone else who is interested) to join this team weblog. If you would like to be an occasional or frequent contributor here, please let us know and we will send you an invitation to join this blogging team.

Something else FYI: A 'Smartgroups alternative' was offered by a service called and I took a long look over there. MailSpaces looks great and could be a new Yahoo! alternative in case anyone is looking for one (why I am linking to it here). But Shamanic Shift - Companions Circle is shifting away from signing up for additional outside services and setting up some new participatory web places served by us instead. I hope to have more news about those sooner than later.

Also soon, 'Shamantic!' will begin sending a simple, short, easy to foward or blog foward eNewsletter to everyone who is signed up on any of our email lists. It will be easy to opt out of course. So far I have not followed through on sending forth an eZine or at least some eNews regularly and in a week or two I will give this intention another 'go round' using some software I installed recently on the server (at that I hope will make it easier to do a professional yet uncomplicated job of it.


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