Thursday, November 09, 2006

LOA - View 'The Secret' for free for a while

Update: The free view is no longer available, but the title links to the purchase site.

Here is the link, sent to share by Planetary Awakening Network (PAN) -

Here are my notes on 'The Secret' of the LOA -

If you seek then see it 'in here'...

For me this is how shamanic intention and attention (questioning and questing) work.

'In here' is the Spiritworld(s)...the tree of life...the web of being...the wheels of medicine, life, fortune, and the stars...the universe...the cosmos...the Fullness...the Mystery!

What you see and experience...(single-eyed or divided eyed you choose)

Emotion + Thought => Feeling + Attention => Flow + Pattern => What you get.

My version of the method -

See/experience what you don't want...what is crying out for transforming/healing. from fear to love...

Be aware.


Ask what do you desire instead? (The questioning!)

Shift attention...and emotion and thought...and feelings and attention...! Then ask! Then receive.

I practice blessing until a taste of ecstasy shifts my biochemistry (practicing gratitude is another way)...then ask...then shamanic journey...then receive (with as much vividness and emotion and thought as possible)...then thank...then bring back.

I do this through shamanic dream questing and seeing/experiencing in SpiritRealms and bringing/shifting back, then blessing, thanking...then drumming, dancing, singing, and storying it to life in this world.

Shift spirit(s), souls, gifts, stories, dreams, songs, dances to new life!

Each attracts from deeps to heights through all interconnecting spiraling circles of life, within and around and beyond... default or on long as one keeps adventuring (going foward and meeting what is coming towards).

Don't just 'believe'...know = be it and live it.

Dreaming it = visual motor rehearsal = body, feeling, emotion, thought joined as companions of the circle = wholeness!

I have for a long while carried a 'gratitude rock' or two!


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