Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lingering Day Dream of Beauty Flying Near


From the lake's gold and rose
the dawn breaks
and on still wings a gull
shows herself in my
windshield's frame.

Slowly, slowly she lowers
the tip of of one wing,
pivots on it,
a ballerina's spin in slow motion,
then disappears from view.

For the rest of this day
that's beauty enough.


The pxy hangs in the deep
window well; its
colored veil changes
with the seasons. So does
the sky - storm to sun,
morning to night, summer to winter.
Outside the grape vines
on the arbor are full and green,
or dead, twisting around the
wooden frame. The cycle repeats,
day to dya, season to season,
year to year. The only
constant is Your Presence.


You remind me to
have hope as short days give way
to the Silent Night!

Sister Andrew-John
Racine Wisconsin
(on Lake Michigan)


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