Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dedicating Today To Mercury

Journey With Mercury: Today's astronomical transit of Mercury - which is no more or less than an unusual yet ordinary juxtaposition from many earthly points of view - brings Mercury's planetary and alchemical energy-flow-patterns to the front of my attention span. So from the beginning to the end of Mercury's crossing of North America, between 2:12 EST and 4:29 EST, my ordinary reality life will itself be the shamanic journey.

I will form an intention for this worldly spiritual journey ahead of those geocentric spacetime coordinates and then go about the activities at hand, moment to moment, paying close, closer, closest attention to whatever occurs, as if I were in the Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC) journeying with Spirit(s) through non-ordinary reality. I will set up a call-back signal for the end of this period and then spend some moments afterwards recording the experience for further considerating and dreaming.

I will look at the everyday beings, events, situations, and things that draw my attention during this worldly journey in an expanded way, under the lights of Mercury, Sun, and Moon, as answers to the shamanic prayer intention I set up. I may be given interconnecting souls to assist, energy-flow-patterns to shift, or gifts to bring back by Spirit(s) as often I am when I practice my own version of the core shamanic kind of journey adventure through Spirit-realms.


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