Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Autumn Day Dream of Transition

This sunny morning I ventured along looking for non-ordinary signs crossing my ordinary path: This is a season of transition from light to darkness, the dusk of the year. I received the hazy sunshine and warm breeses as a special treat. I knew I would see signs.

Soon I was greeted by four black madonnae canvassing these blocks who claimed to be 'witnesses of Jehovah' and offered me Watchtower pamphlets...reminding me of being a younger child climbing up spiral tower stairs and watching down upon everyone while pretending I was a monster or an angel...and reminding me of supposing these givaway tracts were free comic books then suffering disappointment!

Suddenly I remembered a fleeting dream segment from the night. A Mormon missionary - just one, alone - dressed all in white for a change walked beside me through a maze of city streets and back alleyways toting his black briefcase silently, solemnly...then after a while he shapeshifted into a rainblow clad clown and began swinging and shaking Pandora's box in the air wildly. The four black madonnae were wearing high heels and their Sunday bests, and were of different ages...a young woman, a mother, a grandmother, and the great-grandmother who walked a few paces behind the other three leaning upon a weathered, knarled tree limb cane. The four approached and offered me a copy of the latest Watchtower and I took it, thanking and blessing them through my fond memories. I began to daydream brighter costumes for these ladies while they walked on.

Some messages come sooner, some later: Guardians are always awake watching over. Prophets of LIFE travel the cosmos alongside me in a parade of revelations. Witnesses to the divine appear on the sidewalks this univesal bridge, and the lineage spans generation to generation. No matter what, suddenly, without warning the serious may shift to fun along this way and I do not need to fear any tricks that might shake loose or fly out of Pandora's Box.


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